Marlborough’s story

Marlborough was founded in 1992 by John Woolf, our Chairman, who wanted to provide more personal client relationships and better customer care. In 2001, McDonald was formed to provide street lighting and highway maintenance services across Essex.

Over the following two decades the Marlborough and McDonald businesses, worked tirelessly to build capabilities and offer a complete in-house service.  By 2007, our workforce had increased ten-fold, we had pioneered in-house training and won our first
‘Investors in People’ award.

In 2008, we secured a £10.5 million contract for infrastructure work in East London and a few years later, became Essex County Council’s biggest Tier 1 supply chain partner.

In 2013, Marlborough and McDonald aligned their business processes to provide integrated expertise and in 2015 consolidated to become Marlborough McDonald.

Between 2015 and 2017, the business thrived. We won a £70 million contract with Southend-on-Sea and re-won all of our original term contracts. We also secured a number of new long-term contracts in
London and the South.

In 2017, we re-launched our brand to let clients know more about all five areas of our business, our in-house service capabilities and our commitment to customer care.